Find a name, the naming of the brand

The name of your brand will be the way in which users recognize it.

Design a logo

The logo is an important part of the image of your brand, since through it they can identify it without even having to see the name.

Find a slogan that explains what your brand does

The slogan is a way of making your brand's personality known, a fun approach to users.

Design or find a typeface that fits the personality of the brand

The typography says a lot about the brand and its approach.

Select the color palette

Depending on your needs, the impact you want your brand to achieve, the audience it is aimed at, the color palette play an important factor.

Finding a tone with which to express yourself towards users

The way you communicate with your users is crucial, as it establishes the relationship of users with the brand.

The corporate image of a company is the image that the public has of that entity. On the one hand, they are the ideas, feelings and prejudices that we have before learning about the services or products of a brand. On the other hand: the experiences and judgments that we acquire after knowing them.